How I began channeling by letting go of resistance.

Hello loves, welcome.


I have always had extrasensory gifts which I learnt to repress and refuse in childhood. This choice to mis-align with my blueprint brought many years of suffering and catalyst which in turn led to great expansion and accelerated learning. As one catalyst propelled me into my spiritual journey, the gifts, and my insecurities about them, began to resurface along with many multi-dimentional and parallel realities that I had not consciously allowed. The more I heard/studied/and was reminded of the universal truths the harder it became to ignore the personal truths of my theme.

For roughly 8 years I have been in energetic dialogue with beings from another density who have gently guided me and requested of me to become a channel for their/our messages. I had systematically refused this invite only to find it presenting again and again (and with it my fears and lack beliefs on the subject) While I dabbled and flirted with the idea I always did so from my comfort zone of doubt and fear, keeping the full strength at bay.

On July 4th, 2019 it was my 40th birthday. I was home alone, had spent much of the day meditating and got a download/ping/vision/voice that told me that a page had been turned and a new chapter was starting, that I was ready, that I had always been ready and that there was no harm in trying.

I hit record on my phone, lay on my bed and allowed.

Since then the opportunity to be a channel for this energy has presented many times both alone and in group settings.

  • Each time with the voice and messages are getting stronger and more clear.

  • I am developing a deep affection for the entity that comes through and enjoying the sense of love, wisdom and humor that arises.

  • A team of humans have appeared in my experience who are excited about supporting me and this work and entity.

  • I have been instructed to increase my vocabulary (to facilitate translation of concepts as accurately as the entity would like them translated as they are very precise).

  • it feels like the walk-through of a new app where you get to try out all the features and see where all the buttons are. I feel like there is so much more to come.

It has been a miraculous stepping into my embodiment and complete knowing of who I am and why I am here in the configuration that is presenting. I feel so amazing and blessed.

In the meantime I will leave you with this recount of something that happened with the entity in our early transmissions:
It was our first group channeling session. I was understandably nervous... Maybe nothing would come through this time... Maybe I would be judged or embarrassed. But the people attending were so open and ready and believed in me and so I allowed the nervousness to be there and went into trance anyways.

Relief as the entity arrived and began to talk.

One of the questions was about its name... I am semi conscious during the transmissions in that I can hear the questions at the same time as the entity but do not have the ability to respond without breaking the connection.... Anxiety appeared... The entity noted the anxiety and explained to the group that while it was transmitting a name to me, I would not speak it for fear of getting it wrong. The session continued without a name.

But I saw the spelling of something.

The next day I Googled the word that appeared in my awareness: Vagrein

I came to a baby name site which said it was genderless and of unknown origin... Innovative, domestic, intelligence .. But further down the page there was written:

"Search ends when sharing starts"

I do not know if that is the actual name of the entity (I feel they do not associate with names the way that we do) and I don't know if that is the meaning of the word or just something written on every page of that website but I do know the entity directed me to that word in order to see that sentence.

This is the next chapter my friends. Allow yourselves to activate your full capacities and full light. You are more supported than you know. Search indeed does indeed end when sharing starts.

Ever in love, 

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